Personal Infrared Sauna

Personal Infrared Sauna available on a limited basis at this time. Contact Refined Alignment for more information.


We are excited to add Personal Infrared Sauna to our wellness options.

After much research we chose an open design to allow all the benefits of infrared sauna in a comfortable convenient way.


Important factors we considered in choosing which type of sauna to offer:


  • Sustainably sourced Canadian cedar that smells great and has no chemical off-gassing
  • 6 super low EMF heaters surround the body for more thorough penetration - near infrared heat lamps, Tecology, Tru Infra thru Tourmaline Stone for the lower back. (When it's cold outside you won't want to get out!) 
  • Head & heart stay out of the heat by design, infrared interacts with the entire body systemically so there is no need to be completely enclosed to get 100% of the benefits without the risks associated with overheating the head & heart 
  • No need to sweat - it's true, you can still detox without sweating but with a 90 - 170 degree temperature range you can choose the tradional method or the proven better results no sweat option
  • The no sweat option allows the body to enter the heal/rest/digest state (parasympathetic nervous system dominant) for the entire time you are in the sauna
  •  Sit straight or recline in a seat designed for professional athletes that fits most adults comfortably
  •  No need to disrobe or change clothes, we do ask that you remove shoes


Experiencing it for yourself is really better than anything you can read about it!



  • $20 Standard Sauna Session                 
  • $15 Standard session when added to a class           
  •  $15 Express Sauna Session
  • $5 Express Sauna when added to a class


*Ask about package pricing discount for sauna only or sauna plus yoga!








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*Most classes can be adapted for prenatal students as well as other health conditions, please disclose this information & have physician approval.

Private Lessons:  by appointment to fit your life, your level, & your budget.

Call or text 785.249.3342 for more information or to schedule.


Class Descriptions & Times:


Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention:   

Schedule changes for this class pending, contact us to be added to the list!  


 Chair Yoga 

(A blend of yoga, tai chi/qi gong & strenth buildingPopular with seniors of all ages! Designed for those at any level who  need or prefer a chair while learning to breath, stretch, raise energy, move the body & quiet the mind, all leading to better strength, balance, alignment, focus & flexibility. 

Tuesdays 10 -  11 am

Thursdays 10 - 11 am  


Yoga Basics:

All levels. A welcoming class bringing awareness of alignment principles in fundamental yoga poses, deeper opening in restorative poses & proper breath practices in all poses. This is a class to begin, recharge, or continue a life-long safe & mindful yoga practice.  

Tuesday 4 - 5:15 pm

Thursday 4 - 5:15 pm    


At this time classes are offered through the online platform GoToMeeting. Please contact Refined Alignment if you have questions or to sign up for a class. You will receive connection instructions and an id code specific to your requested class or private session. Contact us about limited in-person class options now available or to be added to wait list!



Pay as you go:  $15/class

Pay by the month discount

One class a week:  $50 a month 

Unlimited classes: $95 a month

If you have questions call or text 785.249.3342,

or email     

(since phones are silenced during all classes it works great to text, email or leave a voicemail ~thank you) 


Do you need a presentation for your group or organization?

We can join your meeting or host one for you!

Contact us for more information.

Do you want an individualized group class for just your family or small group?

Do you need a team building activity for your staff?

Let us help you create an online event to meet your needs, and a price plan to meet your budget.



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"Practicing yoga since 1999, and teaching since 2002,  I was the student who rarely missed class and one day when the usual teacher was absent, I got recruited and have been teaching ever since!"


The founder and owner of Refined Alignment is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist who has worked in the field of health and fitness over 30 years.  For more than 8 years she worked for a health system's in-patient physical rehabilitation unit often using yoga as a therapeutic modality to help patients with a variety of diagnosis , while also teaching in the community and operating a wellness program for the health center. Leaving that world to be self-employed has allowed for the use of essential oils, energy work, and qi gong to synergistically help clients find a balance of healing that meets their individual needs. Refined Alignment now has Infrared Sauna available to compliment a wellness lifestyle.


At this time, there is no requirement in Kansas that a yoga instructor be certified or meet specific standards before leading yoga classes. Because of her work with patients & students with varied health needs, she felt it was imperative to have additional training.  So, in 2008/09 she completed the 200-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training from an accredited yoga-alliance-approved program and found the emphasis on body alignment especially helpful with students of all levels and abilities.


Since then, she has been blessed with opportunities to continue advancing her practice, and incorporating theory and practice from other styles of Hatha yoga, as well as Continuing Education using strength training, yoga, tai chi and qi gong to improve outcomes with arthritis, balance, chronic painParkinson's Disease, posture, et al, and to slow the aging process.  
Classes are open to every body, including pre and post natal, and can be done traditionally or adapted as needed.  In the case of large groups, teams, or special presentations, can be held at your location or online.  Please contact Refined Alignment if you want to schedule a presentation or an individualized class for your group, family, or self.


(Image is a creation by artist Claudia Tremblay. We love its spirit and visual content! More of Claudia's work can be found on Etsy, thank you Claudia!!)