Personal Infrared Sauna

Personal Infrared Sauna available on a limited basis at this time. Contact Refined Alignment for more information.


We are excited to add Personal Infrared Sauna to our wellness options.

After much research we chose an open design to allow all the benefits of infrared sauna in a comfortable convenient way.


Important factors we considered in choosing which type of sauna to offer:


  • Sustainably sourced Canadian cedar that smells great and has no chemical off-gassing
  • 6 super low EMF heaters surround the body for more thorough penetration - near infrared heat lamps, Tecology, Tru Infra thru Tourmaline Stone for the lower back. (When it's cold outside you won't want to get out!) 
  • Head & heart stay out of the heat by design, infrared interacts with the entire body systemically so there is no need to be completely enclosed to get 100% of the benefits without the risks associated with overheating the head & heart 
  • No need to sweat - it's true, you can still detox without sweating but with a 90 - 170 degree temperature range you can choose the tradional method or the proven better results no sweat option
  • The no sweat option allows the body to enter the heal/rest/digest state (parasympathetic nervous system dominant) for the entire time you are in the sauna
  •  Sit straight or recline in a seat designed for professional athletes that fits most adults comfortably
  •  No need to disrobe or change clothes, we do ask that you remove shoes


Experiencing it for yourself is really better than anything you can read about it!



  • $20 Standard Sauna Session                 
  • $15 Standard session when added to a class           
  •  $15 Express Sauna Session
  • $5 Express Sauna when added to a class


*Ask about package pricing discount for sauna only or sauna plus yoga!