Good morning,

I'm so excited to finally be sitting in front of my keyboard and writing!  This will have to be a short first blog since there are many items on the day's "to do" list.

For this first blog I wanted to share my thoughts about the words "Refined" and "Alignment".  Initially as a business name it was in reference to what we do in yoga classes with our bodies and our postural alignment.  However, as we (the business) and I (instructor and now blog writer) have evolved, it has become apparent that those two words mean so much more!


In the next blog I want to discuss this topic a little more, and in the mean time, I hope this has inspired you to think about your own refinement, (on and off the mat), and how and what you align with whether it be postural, philisophical, emotional, spiritual, familial, etc....??


Have a blessed and aligned Wednesday!